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Mr. Bob Neves' Bio Chairman and CTO of Microtek Laboratories China



Bob Neves is a current board member of IPC, the association connecting electronics Industries. He was inducted into the IPC Hall of Fame, the IPC's highest lifetime honor. He has earned the IPC Presidents award and Dieter Bergman IPC Fellow award for his long term service to the electronics industry. He has served as the IPC's TAEC Chairman, Rigid Board General Committee chairman, HDI General Committee chairman, Rigid Board Test Method Task Group chairman, Laboratory Qualifications (IPC-QL-653) Committee chairman, EXPO project committee member, Technology Roadmap Committee member and Future Focus Round Table member. He also served as a member of IEC TC91 Working Group 10 Printed Wiring Test Methods and IEC T91 Working Group- Printed Circuit Board. He served as Chairman of California Circuit Board Association and has done lots of work for PCB industry. Bob has published more than 50 articles in well-known magazines in USA. Mr. Yao, the technical advisor of CPCA has collected near 120 articles published by Mr. Bob Neves. Also, as an expert in failure analysis and testing procedures in the industry, he has taught many classes for people to learn the failures in fabrication and correct them. He has been actively searching and researching testing technology, continuously reforming and creating new test methods.